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Although in the er - ylq - 14-05-2019

Although in the era of the Cultural Revolution, the boys and girls in our class did not speak. In such a climate, we have to be careful not to go half a step. But maybe they are in the same classroom, and there is a tacit understanding between them. The classmates are very friendly. After participating in social work, some of our classmates, including those who are naughty, have passed their own efforts and they have embarked on the leadership positions of various companies. I have a successful career on my own path of life. Some have become singers, some have gone abroad to become medical doctors, and some have become translators. Although some students are unknown, they have worked diligently in their own jobs and made a contribution to our society. I am proud and proud of them. I have always liked Jay Chou��s songs, not because his songs are so beautiful, but because the lyrics are rich in meaning, and the first one is like telling others�� stories Newport 100S, but most of the people who listen to the songs are secretly lamenting, lamenting that I feel that the old age is easy to be old, and I regret that those beautiful young people will eventually become the past----------- those who are struggling to fall in love are ultimately strangers, those who struggle to chase the end are lonely, this "Fireworks are easy to cold" When I first released it, I liked it very much. I also watched the MV. I always felt that the story was a bit beautiful, but I never thought it was a real story, a story of waiting and desperation, a period of waiting for war. Desperate and relatively silent story. I think that the Northern Wei and Nanqi have been fighting for 23 years Marlboro Cigarettes, and this kind of misfortune is not the same as this one. It should be the theme country left by the war. The city is full of people. When he broke into the empty door of Song Wendi, a general was ordered to station in Luoyang. During the period, he and a local woman fell in love with each other for a lifetime. It was not long before the Northern Wei Dynasty committed the crime. The general was ordered to go out, the woman was at the gate and the general. Say goodbye, the generals vowed to wait for the end of the war to marry a woman to cross the door Marlboro Gold, the two rely on the farewell, all the disappointment, but helpless in the home country, the man is in the Quartet. On the other day, the woman��s tears were wet, and the generals vowed that this wait was for decades. For decades, there has been no news, decades of lovesickness, women from waiting to despair, and finally fell to the ground, broken red dust. Before the hair was released, the woman sat daily on the slate next to the gate of the city where she and the generals were farewell. "Ten long pavilion, looking at the eyes," she would even ask everyone who passed through the city gate to ask if he had seen her. General. This story was passed down and passed on to the general's ears. However, at that time, the war was not over yet. He still had the man's mission, defending the country and defending the country, and the unwillingness to return to the woman. Such life and death, etc Cheap Cigarettes., the rounds of the circle and the circle know how many years have passed Marlboro Lights, the war is finally over, the general has finally returned, and when he re-enters the familiar land, he has long been a human being, his mood It should be complicated, mixed with five flavors. When the city gates were still the same, they were mottled. The woman who thought about it day and night could not find it. In the middle of it, the general heard the suburbs. A string of flutes, beautiful but desolate. The passer-by passing through the gate, watching the general who listened to the flute, told the general that the flute was a woman. She had been waiting for her lover to return. She was always alone, and eventually broke into the empty door Luoyang Galan. In the temple, I wrote: The wind shakes the grass and the rain, and who is it? Jiang'an three springs pass, the building is a twilight, the darkness of the fire, the fireworks are cold, the old dreams last forever, the intoxication of the year willow color, the infatuation of the roots of Jay Chou sang: the fireworks are cold, the personnel is easy to divide, and you are asking, am I still serious? ? After the millennium, who is waiting for the world, and Qing Shizhen can not fight Weishu Luoyang City, if you are in the past, the past life, follow the red dust to follow my life; the rain, the old home is deep, I heard, you always have a People, the mottled city gates, the old tree roots, the reverberating on the slate, wait for the rain, the old hometown is deep, I heard that you are still guarding the lonely city, the sound of the suburbs in the suburbs, falling in the wild village, the fate of the roots It is our perfect interpretation of the section of the "Luoyang Jialan Temple" that met each other in the most beautiful time, but the war continued to block their happiness, the fireworks were smashed, and the life was like this. Fireworks, after the bloom, a lifetime of unsuccessful, one broke into the empty door. "Life is like a fallen leaf, all life and one fall," but it has also been a lifetime.