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t is already 10 o'clock
t is already 10 o'clock in the evening. Most of the people who go to work are in the leisure stage. The moon is lying in the sky lazily. It seems to be as tired as I am. The hard work of one day is so busy that I can't breathe and can't, and the students are out of school. I have no time to go to leisure, I can only put into a tight working state immediately Wholesale Cigarettes. A group of students flocked to the introductory shop. I suddenly got messed up. My checkout counter was surrounded by three levels of students, and a pair of young hands came out to me. There was a station before the counter. After the crowd, I reached out from the shoulders of other students to pay the money. The crowds in the store were shaking like black in the store. I didn��t have to go to see the students to buy stationery. Just collecting money and finding money would make me overwhelmed. Fortunately, my mental arithmetic ability is strong, the brain can run at a high speed like a never-ending "machine", which can alleviate the tension with many people. It is inevitable that people will lose things, and it is reasonable to make mistakes. The short trading hours made me so hard, so tired that I couldn��t breathe. When I was too busy, several male students handed me a few lottery tickets, which were betel nut lottery tickets, and some ones were added. A pack of betel nuts, some don't add money to a bottle of mineral water for two yuan, and some plus two yuan for a pack of Huang Furong Wang, the betel nut's award category is more than a broken consumer, no one does not want to gamble Buy a pack of five or ten yuan betel nuts A pack of yellow hibiscus drawing of the king, if he bought betel nut in the yellow hibiscus do not smoke can even change twenty yuan in cash, so there is everything to gain and nothing to harm anyone why the transaction Cigarettes Online. Just as I was busy, a boy in the crowd handed me two dollars and a betel nut lottery. I did see it. He was the special prize. The special prize of the betel nut was a package of Huang Furong Wang. The lottery ticket didn't look carefully. I didn't have to look carefully at the time. I hesitated and handed the Furong King to him without hesitation. The tickets were stored in the cashbox and the students who bought it for a while would be reluctant to retreat because of the day's study Carton Of Cigarettes. I am very hard and want to go home to take a bath and sleep, especially some parents of the students parked their cars outside my shop and waited for their children to buy stationery and go home to rest immediately. Because the student��s heart-warming inner drive is not able to allow him or her to stay in my store for a long time, because it��s already more than ten o��clock, it��s going to arrive at six o��clock the next morning. At school, only a few hours of sleep can't afford to sleep. The blinking kung fu students are all gone, my shop is empty, the noise has just disappeared Marlboro Cigarettes, the birds outside the store seem to sleep, I heard the birds�� screams again, and the store is extraordinarily quiet. Quiet to hear the sound of mosquitoes Newport Cigarettes Coupons. It��s late at night, I��m getting ready to pack up the prizes. Suddenly the lottery ticket is a bit wrong. The prize for the special prize is a bit different from the existing lottery. I��m going to see the original lottery ticket or the 2015 betel nut lottery. The lottery expired in September last year. I am holding this invalid prize voucher and I can��t laugh. I feel so stupid that I have been climbing in the business sea for 17 years and I was taken by this little boy to take my bag of Furong Wang. It��s ridiculous to lie, but it��s even more ridiculous to lie to me or to the provincial high school students. I��m so speechless.

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