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The osmanthus
The osmanthus of autumn is shredded and shredded. It is in the autumn wind, and it is secretive from Fangfen Cheap Cigarettes. It has the simplicity of fireworks and the aroma is far away. Life is simple and simple, raising the favorite flowers, reading the light words, loving people and loving themselves. No longer waiting for the street to find someone who missed it, and no longer staying too much for the beautiful scenery. When you are free, you can hear the bright insects in the moonlight, and you can��t watch the autumn sky. The yen is gone. In fact, everything is growing in the solar terms. Some things, when the solar terms are over, it is yesterday's scenery. It is better to cherish the present, try to make the days as leisurely as possible, low-browed fireworks, and smile. For a long time, I didn��t calm down to listen to the story of nature. I chose a breeze that was not dry in the morning, and went to the wind to listen to the wind. Look at the lingering of a flower and leaves, listen to the birds singing, watch the autumn wind linger in the harvest, smell the fragrance of flowers and earth in the air, let the soul and nature confess, you will feel the body and mind calm, in a noisy and impetuous In the world, like a Song of Songs; and Su, in this colorful season, it is the heart. Take a copy of Suining, open on the other side of time, some time is beautiful, it is necessary to enjoy alone, such as loneliness, for example, waiting for a flower to open every day of life, really do not need many, there is sunshine, there is Fresh air, there is love, no need to remember too much, just remember the hope in this morning, a touch of sunset, and experience every moving landscape, and those who are willing to do it for you The people who stopped to walk in the late autumn, watching the fiery red maple leaves, enjoying the warmth and noise, as if trying to use the power to render this season, and the few greens in the eyes, the light autumn chrysanthemums Next, there is still exciting life. The autumn is crisp, the flowers are quiet, and people have a good mood in an instant. Life is not a poem after all. Every day, there is sunshine and birds and flowers, but what kind of life is chosen depends on your own mentality. If you meet this fall, you can use the pessimistic attitude of the past as long as the heart is warm Online Cigarettes, the scenery of this road will be beautiful and vivid. As the season becomes deeper and deeper Cigarettes For Sale, many flowers have already withered, and only the autumn flowers are still emitting dark fragrance. Many people I love to blossom in the spring flowers, but I hope to be a small flower on the roadside in the fall, not anxious, not strong, quiet, quiet and beautiful. I always feel that the spring flowers are too amazing, there is a flash The feeling of autumn, but the autumn flowers, is gentle and quiet, as if it is the baptism of the fate and ups and downs, the infinite life conditions are hidden, the fragrance is no longer strong, lingering, already has a simple and simple However, I made a flower that walked freely in the autumn. In my dream, I fell 3,000 flowers Carton Of Cigarettes. I only took a heartful heart, smiled and met, and I was attached to the autumn of Enron. I sat at the threshold of time and kept a copy. I am happy, and when I look back, I am stunned by the autumn. I think autumn is to understand me. I don��t have to say joy or intoxication. I will embrace the autumn in my arms and enjoy the beauty that the season gives us, as if it were I have been waiting for a long time. Who knows, this beautiful autumn, after how much circulation and precipitation, can reunite with us again, just like the encounter between people, the right time, the right place, the talent How many years have you met the person you met, and how many years have you been practicing this kind of time? In many cases Marlboro Cigarettes, the hard-working and hard-working edge is just a flower, and in the threshold of time, you turn around and you are It is easy to forget that when the years have withered the petals, who was the warmth of the year, when the light moved to the autumn, who can still sit there quietly, miss the beauty of a flower in spring. Sometimes, there are too many fate It��s too late to meet, it��s not necessarily met, one Only once, a song has been liked for many years, and one day I don��t want to listen any more. I once looked down on the dust for a person. I suddenly didn��t want to see each other again. The scenery in my life was finally twirling. This season is generally October, it is the season of the wind and the wind, this season's autumn, I am peaceful and peaceful, sitting in the autumn, listening to the old leaves falling, feeling the silence at dusk, let the thoughts follow the breeze , drifting into the distance. The pen in the hand, smothered with ink, not with the wind, not with the flowers, only the beauty, written into the autumn poetry. The threshold of time, with yourself, warmth meets Xue Xiaochan Said: Autumn is the song of Tsai Chin, the landscape of Shen Zhou, the calligraphy of the old man, the sound of the erhu of A Bing, the water on the smooth silk, the dark lotus on the crack, the most in the Tang poetry. A touching sentence: I saw Jiang Xinqiu, I said: Autumn is the mist floating on the field, the maple leaf on the red tree; the coolness that perches in the evening wind; the clearness between the flowers in the morning light; The beauty of the autumn is long; it is a noisy mature and a bumper harvest. It is a child. The laughter of the autumn sky is blue, clear and clarified, giving people an open; in the autumn sun, the golden color of the eye, to the mature and harvest, the autumn wind gently, sweeping the branches, the yellow leaves of the sky, In a free and easy manner, dancing with the wind, like a woman, has no reluctance for love and dying; autumn rain, not all are thin, and a miss in the heart, thousands of turns, shallow sing, autumn, is a possession And the sedimentation, not only the wild mulberry, the chrysanthemum of the fence, but also the woman with a low eyebrow, and in the heart of the matter, the old time that has not come and gone is not a particularly bright person, the season turns, hurts Spring and autumn are also sometimes, so I hope to store more warmth, and those who can't hold the time are painted with warm colors. If people are warm and cold, just like flowers and flowers, it is better to think of this phenomenon as a necessity. As Feng Zikai said, since there is nowhere to escape, it is worse than joy; since there is no pure land, it is better to be pure; if it is not as expected, it is better to relieve it. In this way, they will not become the prisoner of their own soul, Qiuyang, warm and swaying through the mottled old wall, sitting at the window, looking at the colorful eyes, can not help but think of Ye Zhi's verse, "She advised me to love each other, such as Ye Shengshuo, she advised me to live with ease, such as grass and dikes, should be with the rhythm of life, such as the four seasons, such as leaf treetops, everything goes with the natural, such a life course, it is a peaceful and beautiful years, Finally, we are taught to treat each other with tenderness, to give us a normal heart, to learn how to love in the faint time: to have the ability to love ourselves, to spare the effort to love others, to make life full, such as this gradual fall.

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